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ChinesePod: Fi3M chat with co-host Jenny + tour of office (review in link) Note, this video isn't about my Chinese progress. I actually recorded it a few hours after the previous one. In fact, my Chinese is a little ...手機王@Android 應用程式「ChinesePod」實際操作

Review of Pleco app: Read Chinese text immediately! Sorry the video is so long. The coolest part showing the OCR starts at 05:29 More details about the app (updated info on pricing etc.)

ChinesePod on the iPhone or iPad

This is a narrated powerpoint by Dr. Mark Lennon of Frostburg State University of the screenshots of the Chinesepod iPhone - iPad App.

Communicate that failure is part of the process - Jenny Zhu - ClarkMorgan Insights

Start-up businesses and new product launches often plan to fail so that improvements can be made before their launch. However, more importantly, this strategy ...

Mandarin Madness for iPhone iPad - App Review

Google Translate Word Lens with Mandarin Chinese (Live Demo)

Today Google updated it's apps to include it's word lens feature for Chinese, as well as offline mode. In this quick demo I show you how it works with some ...

Chinese Language Learning Challenge - Week 1 Progress Update

This is my first progress update video since I started studying intensive Chinese a week ago. I share with you the study materials and methods that I have tried ...

Google Goggles and Android - Google on the go This video shows some cool things you can do with Android and Google Goggles, in the streets of Budapest and Berlin.

How to Learn Chinese through Manga

Like manga? Learning Chinese? Here's how to learn Chinese THROUGH manga...for free! The website of that Chinese manga app, again, ...

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